Call for Tender



Project: Land Release and Mine/ERW Clearance for Border Communities in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan


Award No. S-PMWRA-16-GR-1007

The Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) is a Swiss based, non-governmental organisation specializing in the removal of landmines and unexploded ordnance, so that people can build a better future, is implementing a humanitarian mine and unexploded ordnance clearance project in Afghanistan and it is looking for suppliers of the following vehicles to the above – mentioned program:

a) 2 units – 4x4 SUV (similar to Toyota Land Cruiser)

b) 2 units – 4x4 Ambulance

c) 1 unit – Kamaz Truck

The bidders are invited to present the offers complying with the requirements here below specified:

  • The offer will be delivered/mailed to FSD office located at 6 Istaravshan Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan (near the Politechnical University) in one sealed envelope and/or an email attachment. (email:  or )
  • The offers will be accepted only if delivered by hand, courier, fax or email.
  • The deadline for the delivery of the offer is 09:00 A.M. on 06th of April 2018.
  • The offer has to be preferably in English.
  • The offer should be clearly marked with the precise reference to the present invitation, the name of the bidder, and the deadline.
  • The validity of the offer should be up to the 26th of May 2018.
  • The offers will be opened in Dushanbe Office, on 09th of April 2018 at 09:00 A.M. Bidders are invited to attend the opening.
  • The winner will be announced on 10th of April 2018 via fax and/or email.


1. Offers will be typewritten or handwritten and duly signed by the authorized legal representative of the bidder.

2. The bidder has to supply catalogues, and/or other technical description of the material.

3. The bidder may apply for the whole procurement or for parts of a, b and c.

4. The price of offer will be expressed in US Dollars only.

5. Prices must be calculated inclusive of any taxes or duties.

6. Terms of payments: the payments will be done in US Dollars by bank transfer or cash, upon presentation of a commercial invoice.

7. Terms of delivery: the vehicles have to be delivered before 15th of April 2018.


Only the offers received within the deadline specified as above will be taken into consideration for evaluation, while the ones received later will be considered not valid.

FSD will evaluate the received offers on the basis of the following criteria:

Best price in relation to the attached specifications;

- Time of Delivery

- Customization (if needed)

Nothing will be due to the bidders in case the rental requirement is cancelled for whatsoever reason.

All disputes arising out of the performance of this matter and which cannot be amicably settled shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Geneva courts.

Vehicle Requirements:


Part A:  2 Units – 4x4 SUV 

Part B: 2 Units – 4x4 Medical Evacuation Vehicles. 

Part C: 1 Unit – Kamaz Truck

General Requirements:

a. Vehicles must be registered for the period of the rental agreement.  Registration is the responsibility of the bidder.

b. FSD will be responsible for minor maintenance, regular servicing and repairs of damage not attributable to normal wear and tear.

c. Major mechanical issues discovered during the first two months of the rental period shall be repaired by the Vendor.

d. All vehicle tires (including the spare tire) are to be in good condition with at least 6 months wear remaining.

e. Bidders are reminded that the vehicles are working vehicles and will be used in the field under arduous conditions.

Part A: 2 Units – 4x4 SUV 

Vehicles are to be Toyota Landcruiser type 76/78 series or similar. Modifications and specifications are to include:

a. Fitted with seating for minimum 5 persons and large cargo area.

b. Fitted with VHF radio capability (ideally compatible with Motorola type radios).

c. 2010 model or newer – older models may be offered at significant discount.

Part B:  2 Units – 4x4 Medical Evacuation Vehicles 

Vehicles are to be Toyota Landcruiser 78 Series 13 Seater ‘Troop Carrier’ or similar, modified to act as medical evacuation vehicles.  Modifications/specifications are to include the following:

a. Fitted with medical stretcher

b. Fitted with medical oxygen bottle and regulator

c. Fitted with rigid spine board and straps

d. Reinforced floor

e. Siren and lights

f.  2010 model or newer.

g. Fitted with VHF radio capability (ideally compatible with Motorola type radios).

Part C: 1 Unit – Kamaz Truck

This is a 4x4 heavy lift truck with the following specifications:

a. Vehicle is to be capable of heavy lift (up to 8 tonnes).

b. Crane capacity for lift of up to one tonne (standard NATO Palatte).

c. Off road capability with minimum 50cm clearance.

d. Fitted with VHF radio capability (ideally compatible with Motorola type radios).

Contact number for additional information:  +992 906 66 33 02