Provision of basic services in support to the return and resettlement process of the internally displaced population of Bangui

In the context of the project "Provision of basic services in support to the return and resettlement process of the internally displaced population of Bangui” co-financed by EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) and SDC, FSD in partnership with the national organization IRAD for the first time could implement the exhumation of corpses from a well situated in the affected are of Fatima in Bangui.

The aims of this project is to contribute in removing from the potential areas of return all kind of unexploded remnants of war and human bodies and human remains.

At the moment, FSD/IRAD identified 100 sites polluted by remains in the agreed targeted areas of Dombja, Boulata, Ramandji, Foulbé and Fondo.

The findings show the presence of graves (mainly improvised graves among the destroyed houses and abandoned courtyards), corpse in wells and canals and several sites with open human remains. The estimated number of corpses varies from 160 to 180, mainly belonging to the enclaved Muslim community that for the entire 2014 until today didn’t have access to the cemetery of Gbabili,which is  under the Anti Balaka Militia’s control.

Muslim population also utilized a temporary cemetery located in an area particularly prone to flooding situated in the quartier of Ramandji, in proximity of the airport. This temporary cemetery host almost 250 bodies and needs to be evacuated for hygienic and property reasons, because the area belongs to the airport concession.

The situation into the Christian Districts and neighbors of Bangui is equally serious with graves lying among houses and very crowded environments. Information received by the field’s teams indicated in almost 1200 bodies improperly buried into the neighbors of Bimbo 4, Boeing and Fatima, areas exposed to conflict during the inter-confessional storm of rage between December 2013 and May 2014.

Information to be confirmed indicate that in others conflict’s areas like PK12, 4th Districts and at the end, practically in the whole districts of Bangui, the presence of cadavers it is a reality that could not be neglected. FSD and IRAD are particularly concerned on the pollution of the wells that are systematically targeted with the support of others’ international organizations.

FSD is also aware about legal and forensic implications of its activities and MINUSCA (Human Rights Sector and Commissioner Directorate) have installed a special focal point especially for this project.

The legal framework is ensured by the following documents:

-          Municipal “ARRETE” N. 066 MB/CAB/SG/DRH/15 du 17th July 2015

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Bangui and FSD/IRAD du 22nd July 2015

Well of Fatima (The day of detection)

Well of Fatima Municipal and neighbors authorities (27th July 2015)

Well of Fatima (Second day operation)

Well of Fatima (27th July 2015)

Well of Fatima (27th July 2015)

Well of Fatima (31st July 2015 Evening)

First findings (31st July 2015)



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