Innovation and technology

Innovation and Technology within the remit of FSD’s core activities: Utilising drones and satellite platforms to supplement survey and assessments and mapping; transitioning practices to digital platforms to increase efficiency, transparency and accuracy and support the Agenda for Humanity with technical innovation to humanitarian projects in support of preparedness, response and recovery from conflict and natural disasters.

Remote sensing with drones and satellites
FSD has been involved for many years in exploring the best use of drones and satellites for mine action, pollution control or more generally for humanitarian projects. Drones may help with surveying and mapping dangerous areas and disaster zones or by transporting medical supplies to remote locations. Satellites and other space assets may be used to prevent environmental pollution.

In 2016, FSD has published a widely-regarded study on Drones in Humanitarian Action. The project website is no longer updated, but it is still available:

FSD has been working with the Urs Endress Foundation to develop the FindMine project . The aim is to develop a drone that is equipped with various sensors including ground penetrating-radar and (ultimately) a metal detector that could be used in non-technical survey.