International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

April 4, 2022

Together against mines and explosive remnants of war!

Together against mines and explosive remnants of war

Every year, thousands of civilians are killed or maimed by mines or unexploded ordnance. A single step or contact with these devices is enough to trigger a deadly explosion.

More than 60 countries are currently contaminated by these remnants of war, which continue to be dangerous for decades. Removing these devices is a long and arduous task. In Laos, for example, children still die every year from accidental explosions of cluster munitions dropped in the 1960s and 1970s.

In 2022, millions of people are still threatened by mines and explosive remnants of war on a daily basis. Let us not forget them. You can help us bring this scourge to light.


  1. Ask someone to take a picture of you by making the sign 🙅
  2. Post the photo on your social networks
  3. Tag #MineAwarenessDay and

Thank you! Together we can make a difference.

PS: You’ll see a mosaic of all your photos on our website by the end of the month ♡