Our action in Ukraine – From March 28 to April 10, 2022

April 14, 2022

March 28 to April 10, 2022

For weeks Valeriia, one of our paramedics, and other team members from Mariupol (Марі у́поль) were unable to communicate, due to the lack of connection and electricity. They were able to escape and tell us now about their stories:
Valeriia was asked to look after her neighbour’s son Ilia for a while. Just as his mother left, shelling started and she never returned back.
Ilia has HIV and requires regular medication. Valeriia went to her neighbour’s apartment, took the boy’s birth-certificate and all his medication. She took care of the boy whilst the attacks were ongoing.

She was able to evacuate him and her own children from Mariupol to the village Osipenko (Осипенко), which is not under the control of the Ukrainian government.
His medication slowly ran out, pharmacies in this area are not resupplied. Without his medicine Ilia had difficulties to walk, Valeriia needed to move him further West.


She contacted FSD NTS-teamleader Alexandr, who found volunteers who were able to access medication and organized transportation for him via Azovske(Азовське) to the city of Zaporizhzhia
(Запоріжжя) where EORE-teamleader Iryna took care of him. She contacted the government authority for orphans, which is currently looking for a family taking care of Ilia.

The region of Kharkiv is since weeks under attack. FSD got a request from the local volunteers to help citizens stuck in a small village not far from Lozova (Лозову́). FSD staff bought the necessary medicine in Khmelnytsky (Хмельну́цький), which is located in the West of the country. The parcel was sent with a train that was supposed to pick up displaced people from the East of Ukraine. The medicine travelled more than 1000 kilometers and saved the lives of people like Maria and Myko


Mykola (62): “I’m from a village in the region of Kharkiv and I have to live with a disability. I have angina pectoris and compression fractures of the spine, rheumatism. Every day I have to take pills to support my heart and to relief the pain in my back and joints. Throughout the conflict it became very difficult to buy these pills as the pharmacies stopped working. Thank you very much for the medicine FSD provided.”


Maria (56): “I’m a citizen of Kharkiv region. I have diabetes, which means I need insulin every day. I also have problems with my veins and joints. All necessary pills are extremely expensive. In the past I received them from local hospitals. I’m very young to get pension by age, so I receive a social payment (60 CHF per month). Thank you for the support in such a difficult times. After receiving your support, I also want to help the others. I will plant vegetables and share those among the members of my community.”