The online shopping site QoQa regularly organizes major fund-raising campaigns for charities.This year, QoQa has chosen to raise funds from its customers for the FSD. On Sunday 7 April, between noon and midnight, the platform’s customers will have the opportunity to contribute to mine clearance in the village of Nasr in Iraq by donating directly on line.


This town had been occupied by ISIS for two years when, after fierce fighting, it was liberated by Iraqi forces in 2016. Today some of the village’s inhabitants have returned and are trying to resume a normal life. But the ground and buildings remain riddled with improvised explosive devices abandoned there by ISIS, as well as mortar shells, rockets and missiles that did not explode as planned.


Villagers risk their lives daily whenever they go down a road, take their sheep and goats out to pasture and plough their wheat fields. Explosive devices have been found on the path leading to the school,150 metres from the buildings. In fact, it is sometimes the children who help the mine-clearing experts determine which areas are contaminated, as they notice “home-made mines” while they are playing.


The FSD has already cleared the western part of the town. Another 870,000 square metres of land and buildings on the eastern and northern sides need to be treated in order to make the whole village safe. The area that it is most urgent to decontaminate is the one adjoining the road north of the village, where several homes are situated.
A donation of 10 francs enables the FSD to clear 10 square metres.
If you would like to contribute to this campaign, please visit on Sunday 7 April. You may donate on line and get direct answers to any questions you may have about the project.