Weakened for more than a decade by internal conflicts and poor governance, the Central African Republic entered an unprecedented humanitarian crisis after the March 2013 coup.


FSD arrived in the country in February 2014 and started very quickly to meet the needs of affected populations through various projects especially:


  • Sanitation: emptying latrines in the M’poko camp while delivering Risk Awareness Messages to prevent accident deriving from handling grenades or other explosives of War;
  • In the neighborhoods of the 3rd and 5th District of Bangui: Exhumation and inhumation of bodies casually buried outside cemeteries or left in water wells and channels;
  • Logistics : Re-opening of the Batangafo-Kombakota axis in the north of the country with the rehabilitation of the Bac of Batangafo
  • Risk Education and Armed Violence Reduction campaign;
  • Support for administrative organization and capacity building of the Ministry of Defense including the rehabilitation of barracks and infrastructures, Logistics and Management.

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