FSD has installed a new office in N’Djamena / Chad in October 2017 to coordinate the implementaiton of a large project financed by the European Union :

PRODECO: Support to demining, development and social protection of vulnerable people in the North and the West of Chad.

The global objective of this project is to contribute to the stability of the region and to better migration management. The aim is to attack the causes of instability and of forced movements of the population and irregular migration. The project intends to do this by improving the economic prospects, equal opportunities, security the general development of the region.

The specific objective is to ensure support to demining, social protection activities and provide development opportunities to vulnerable people in the North and the West of Chad, notably in the regions of Tbiesti, Berkou, Ennedi and the Lake Chad area

The Association FSD France will work in partnership within the framework of a consortium led by Handicap International together with MAG and the national NGO SECADEV.

The institutional capacity building will take place in N’Djamena and the Lake Chad region. Demining activities will focus on Tibesti, Lake Chad, Borkou and Ennedi regions. Social and economic development activities in favour of vulnerable persons will be implemented in Borkou and Ennedi regions.

FSD’s contribution to the project will mainly consist of the institutional capacity building of the national Mine Action Center HCND (Haute Commissariat Nationale de Déminage). Key activities will involve the improvement of the coordination capability, programming, communication management and project management. FSD will also provide technical support for the demining database IMSMA used for the collection demining data and the production of maps and reports.