In partnership with the Italian NGO « HELPCODE », FSD is implementing since March 2018 an assistance program in Libya, in 4 camps in which the national authorities host thousands of migrants, waiting for their refugee status in a European host country.


Helpcode-FSD are distributing non-food items which improve their living conditions in the camps. We are also ensuring that the migrants have access to adequate quantity and quality of drinking water.


The camps are difficult to access for non-Libyan nationals, for logistical and security reasons. A particular challenge in this program therefore is to ensure timely and complete delivery of the items from the suppliers to the beneficiaries through Libyan national staff, without direct supervision of the program managers. FSD’s particular contribution to this program therefore is to equip and train all Libyan staff in the use of modern technology during their work, in order for the managers to monitor their activities without being present physically (remote controlled assistance program).


The program is financed by the Italian government. The first phase will end in May 2018.