Toxic industrial waste is threatening the health of people in many countries of the world. Central asian countries suffer from the toxic legacies of the industrial development of the former Soviet Union.

FSD is reducing the threat of toxic waste by performing the following activities:

  • Sealing off and marking contaminated unmarked industrial waste sites by means of fences or walls and by placing danger signs. This avoid that people and animals indadvertedly stray into dangerous sites.
  • Informing the population concerned about the potential dangers, and how to adapt the individual behaviour to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Providing socio-medical assistance in the vicinity of the toxic sites
  • Relocating people living on toxic waste dumps (only in agreement with all concerned)
  • Performing scientific Environment Impact Assessments and Feasibility Studies for the remediation of the sites
  • Physically remediating the sites. This may involve the excavation and safe destruction of buried chemicals, the covering of radio-active and toxic mining tailings materials, installing long-term monitoring systems for the ground-water and similar measures.

In Kyrgyzstan, FSD has performed an Environmental Impact Assessment of the abandoned lead and zinc mine Sumsar. The results showed that the toxic dust from Tailings No. 3 are of concern. Further reading: FSD is now planning a multi-year social medical intervention in support of the local population.

In Tajikistan, FSD has isolated the Uranium tailings heaps "Karta 1-9" in Buston (formerly Chkalovsk) by means of a high and 1'800 m long concrete wall to avoid people and animals straying into the site. As a next step FSD will perform an Environmental Impact Assessment and a Feasibility Study.

Also in Tajikistan, FSD has re-located families living on a pesticide dump in Kumsangir Village No. 1. The site has now been fenced off and marked pending further scientific investigation. FSD as leader of a consortium of specialist NGOs is now planning an Environmental Impact Assessment of this and two more pesticide dumps.

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