Collective solidarity
in companies

A micro-donation added to a collective action can make a real difference in the lives of many people.

Once the explosive device is located and excavated by a standard deminer, a technical expert intervenes to neutralise it (Iraq)

Once the explosive device is located and excavated by a standard deminer, a technical expert intervenes to neutralise it (Iraq).

A micro-donation deducted from salary slips

The principle is to allow the employees of a company to support a common cause through a voluntary micro-donation deducted each month directly from their salary slip.

The company then undertakes to double the amount, offering the organisation a contribution equal to that raised by its employees.

For the company

For the company

Creates links and develops a sense of belonging

Embodies the company’s social values

Simple to set up thanks to our support

For the employee

For the employee

Micro-donations affordable for everyone

A voluntary donation with no time commitment

Gives the opportunity to get involved in a cause from the workplace

FSD deminer in Ukraine.


Sustainable resources

A significant impact for our beneficiaries.

A greater focus on the issue of landmines and explosive remnants of war.

Quick and easy to implement: we accompany you every step of the way



We assist you with setting up the salary payment system.


We ensure compliance with the legal, accounting and fiscal framework of your company.


internal communication

We provide an online toolkit to promote charity rounding to your teams.



We organise conferences and events in your company to thank your employees.

“I am delighted that with a simple system, my company can have a beneficial social impact and support a humanitarian cause.”

Gabriel Andreetta, Director of ACTEAM SA, company supporting the FSD through the charity rounding programme

Our activities

Our humanitarian programs focus on four main areas. 


mine action

FSD locates and clears mines and unexploded ordnance, provides explosive ordnance risk education and assists survivors of accidental explosions.


recovery & stability

FSD supports ongoing peace processes in various countries and provides socio-economic support to communities.

Environmental protection

FSD remediates sites contaminated by toxic substances from the past, including obsolete pesticide stocks and mining waste.

innovation &

FSD collaborates on research & innovation projects aiming to use new technologies, such as drones, in mine action.