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In Colombia, FSD advises the national Mine Action Centre (OACP-Descontamina Colombia) on the implementation of an effective Mine Action strategy.


FSD experts providing support to the Colombian government on mine detection dogs (Colombia, 2019)


Almost six decades of civil war have left Colombia littered with improvised mines and unexploded ordnance.

In 2015, as part of the peace negotiations, the government and the FARC armed group reached a ceasefire agreement. This agreement helped to contribute to the development of a national mine action strategy.

Significant efforts have since been made with several thousand deminers deployed throughout the country. The goal is now for the country to be completely free of mines by 2025.

To achieve this objective, many challenges still have to be overcome, particularly in relation to the topography and vegetation in contaminated areas, and due to persistent insecurity.

Improvised mines are still used by the remaining armed groups to protect coca plantations. In 2020, 167 mine victims were recorded in the country.

We worked with local authorities on a regulation to limit the environmental impact of demining activities in the Amazonian forest.

Sandra Sguerra

FSD Environmental Advisor in Colombia

Sandra - Colombia

Capacity building

Since 2016, a team of FSD experts advises the Colombian mine action authority in various technical fields.

This includes advice on the overall process of land release, clearance task prioritization, technical standards and procedures, information management and protection of the environment, particularly in national parks.

Capacity building of local authorities, Colombia.

FSD in Colombia

Given the complex political and conflict history in Colombia, the importance of land release is paramount. A large part of this process involves the clearance of the land of mines and explosive hazards. In this context, FSD provides expert advice to the Colombian national mine action authority, the OACP – Descontamina Colombia.

Since 2016, FSD has provided technical experts to advise and mentor the Colombian national mine action authority. Our experts are specialized in: mapping, information management, demining strategy, explosive ordnance clearance, mine detection dogs and mechanical demining. 

FSD’s team also provide input and advice to the OACP – Descontamina Colombia in the development of national standards in accordance with international standards and adapted to the Colombian context.  

FSD contributes to protecting the Amazonian forest from the possible negative impacts of mine clearance. The organisation participated in the development and adoption, in 2017, of a law aimed at reducing the environmental impact of humanitarian demining operations, in particular in natural parks.


In 2021, our deminers have cleared 8,5km², an area equivalent to half of Geneva. This work require a constant concentration in conditions sometimes extremes.

News from Colombia


Capacity building

🔊 Angela de Santis, Programme Manager for FSD, provides training to members of the OACP (Descontamina Colombia), the Colombian national mine action authority. […]
Capacity building in Colombia-FSD

Salomé Valencia: data analysis expert for FSD Colombia

Salomé provides support to the national demining authority to help them manage and implement their national mine action strategy. […]

demining & environment

Demining in the Amazon forest: how to preserve biodiversity?
Interview with Sandra Sguerra, environmental advisor for FSD in Colombia.

Our activities

Our humanitarian programmes focus on four main areas.

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Mine action

FSD locates and clears mines and unexploded ordnance, provides explosive ordnance risk education and assists survivors of accidental explosions.

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Recovery & stability

FSD supports ongoing peace processes in various countries and provides socio-economic support to communities.

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FSD remediates sites contaminated by toxic pollutants inherited from the past and act to promote biodiversity and resilience to face climate change. 

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Innovation & technology

FSD collaborates on research projects aiming to put new technologies, such as drones, at the service of mine action.


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