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Our team

FSD employs nearly 500 people in nine countries and on four continents. 90% of our staff is recruited locally.


These deminers go to the minefields every morning, carrying about 15 kilos of equipment (Iraq, 2020)

Team at Geneva headquarters


Hansjörg Eberle


Benedict Truniger FSD

Benedikt Truniger

Deputy Director

Matthew Wilson FSD

Matthew Wilson

Head of Operations

Alex van Roy - FSD

Alex van Roy

Deputy Head of Operations

Alexandra-Brutsch FSD

Alexandra Brutsch

Head of Communications

Programmes Managers

Eugenio Balsini FSD

Eugenio Balsini

Programme Manager for Chad


Anthony Connell

Programme Manager for Ukraine

Paul Davies FSD

Paul Davies

Programme Manager for the Philippines

Jean-Louis Delaite FSD

Jean-Louis Delaite

Programme Manager for the Central African Republic

Angela de Santis FSD

Angela De Santis

Programme Manager for Colombia

Peter Smethers FSD

Peter Smethers

Programme Manager for Iraq
Dr Din Nickhwah

Dr Din Nickhwah

Programme Manager for Tajikistan and Afghanistan

Support office in Manilla


Arlene Calalo

Unit Manager


Marie Jo Abella

Deputy Unit Manager


Camille Cortez

Human Resources


Ryan Jay Cajucom

Internal audit


Natalie Vallejos

Head of IT Department

Foundation board

Jürg Streuli FSD

Jürg Streuli

President of the Foundation Board

Nawal Ait-Hocine

Nawal Ait-Hocine

Board Member


Tom Kodiak

Board Member

Michel Roch FSD

Michel Roch

Board Member


Urs Endress

Board Member

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