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Foundations are valuable partners in the implementation of our humanitarian projects around the world. They act as a catalyst in our work for a safer world.

In-Iraq,-the-safe-and-non-safe-areas-of-the-minefields-are-marked-with-coloured-flags (Iraq,2021)

Each blue flag indicates the spot of an IED located and neutralised by an FSD expert (Iraq, 2021)

For a strong and sustainable impact

FSD has developed strong and successful partnerships with foundations active in the humanitarian, development, environmental and childhood sectors.

These collaborations, of all sizes, have allowed a significant and lasting impact on populations affected by war and instability.

FSD, based in Geneva, has been awarded the Zewo quality label and the ISO-9001 certification, which guarantee that the organisation is managed in a transparent, reliable and efficient manner.

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EN Tajikistan PDF Flyer

Support to Food Security and Biodiversity in Tajikistan

Community Development to Fight Poverty in Central African Republic

Community Development in the Central African Republic

Mine victim assistance in remote areas of afghanistan

Mine victim assistance in remote areas of afghanistan

How war impacts children in eastern ukraine

How war impacts children in eastern ukraine


Where is FSD currently working in Ukraine? What does a landmine look like? Answers to your questions, once a month.

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Iraqi deminer trained to the use of a detector