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Our values

FSD works for a world free of mines and other dangerous remnants of war. Where women, men and children can live in a safe and sustainable environment.

FSD team members explaining the dangers of explosives and good behaviour to children and farmers in Bagh-i-Tal village, Afghanistan.

This explosive ordnance risk education specialist is working for FSD in the Badakhshan mountains. Every day, he educates the region’s children and farmers on the dangers of explosive ordnance so as to prevent accidents. (Afghanistan, 2023)

At the heart of our intervention

Humanitarian principles

Humanitarian principles are central to the actions of FSD.


Our primary goal is to save lives and relieve suffering wherever it occurs.


We implement our actions based on needs, giving priority to the most urgent, without discrimination.


We do not take sides in armed conflicts or political or ideological controversies in a State.


As much as possible, we carry out our actions independently of any political, economic or military agenda.

Principles of action

Our commitments

Landscape and communities - Colombia

Preservation of the environment

To guarantee minimal impact on our planet, we develop our projects in accordance with our environmental policy. We strive to reduce our carbon emissions and follow the 3Rs strategy (reduce, reuse, recycle).


Finding innovative solutions

We invest in research and development to provide the most effective assistance to our beneficiaries, including through the use of new technologies in the field.

interviews for non technical surveys

Maintaining a close link
with the communities

We have a continuing dialogue with local communities and adapt our activities according to the contexts and cultures in which we operate. This is to optimise our efforts to meet the communities’ needs.

Training of local staff

Creating local opportunities

In each of our projects, we recruit and train our staff locally to promote employment, especially in post-conflict areas, where the economy has been devastated.

Explosive remnants of war, Ukraine

Transparency & accountability

We follow strict rules to ensure full financial transparency, and do the same in our reporting on our humanitarian activities to our donors, beneficiaries and the public.

Female demining team, Iraq

Promoting diversity in our projects

To promote diversity, we comply with our gender, diversity and inclusion policies, both in the implementation of our programmes and in human resources.

Key Documents

Statutes & internal policies

Gender, diversity and inclusion policy

PDF, 265 Ko

Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse policy

PDF, 386 Ko


PDF, 411 Ko

Whistleblower policy

PDF, 617 Ko

Code of conduct

PDF, 118 Ko

Code of ethics


Environmental policy

PDF, 423 Ko

Stakeholder, beneficiary and social management policy

PDF, 522 Ko

Sanctions policy

PDF, 308 Ko

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

PDF, 265 Ko

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

PDF, 386 Ko


PDF, 411 Ko

Whistleblower Policy

PDF, 617 Ko

Code of Conduct

PDF, 118 Ko

Code of Ethics


Environmental Policy

PDF, 423 Ko

Stakeholder, Beneficiary and Social Management Policy

PDF, 522 Ko

Sanctions policy

PDF, 308 Ko

Your support is precious

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An FSD deminer in blue protective vest and visors conducts manual landmine clearance at Khamadoni