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FSD Group

The FSD group comprises three entities: FSD (Fondation suisse de déminage), Crosstech S.A and the association FSD France.

Mindanao - People walk to reach isolated villages (Philippines - 2021)

To reach isolated villages in Mindanao, our risk education experts sometimes have to walk for long hours. (Philippines, 2021)


The three entities of the FSD group

FSD group

Fondation suisse de déminage

FSD is a humanitarian non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1997 under the name, “Fédération suisse de déminage” (Swiss federation for mine action), the organisation was renamed Fondation suisse de déminage (Swiss foundation for mine action) in 2003. FSD provides consolidated accounts for the three entities of the FSD group.

Crosstech FSD Group

Crosstech S.A.

Crosstech S.A. is a commercial company registered in Geneva. FSD created Crosstech in 2007 to intervene in projects which humanitarian NGOs cannot implement. FSD fully owns the commercial company.

FSD France - FSD group

Association FSD France

In 2005, FSD created a sister organisation in Archamps, in neighbouring France. Registered under French law, FSD France is an association with around 60 members. The association mainly implements its projects with financial support from the European Union.