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Video Nano Drones for Humanitarian Demining

A new tool for mine detection?

🛰️ The science programme Nano (SRF/3SAT) explains how high-tech drones are being developed to search for explosive devices and how they can be used to facilitate humanitarian demining operations.
Deminer flagging potential ordnance sites in Ukraine

🔻 Ukraine: news from the field

While the situation remains tense, hundreds of mines and unexploded ordnance have already been neutralized by FSD teams. Our deminers have been present in Chernihiv province for five months now. They are now also deployed in Kharkiv province, in Izium, a city that was occupied for several months.

10 highlights of the year 2022 (2)


Thank you for your commitment to us throughout this year! Through your support, our teams inspected 4.2 million square metres of land and neutralized more than 5,000 explosive devices in 2022.

Where is FSD currently working in Ukraine? What does a landmine look like? Answers to your questions, once a month.

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An FSD deminer in blue protective vest and visors conducts manual landmine clearance at Khamadoni