recovery and stability

Post Conflict Recovery and Stability - Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration and Security Sector Reform; specifically, in the area of post conflict recovery and stability, the return and care of internally displace people and refugees and the recovery of basic security functions and social services in order to realise sustainable development.

Logistic reinforcement of non-combat activities for the security sector
Once armed conflict ends, one of the priorities for stabilisation, is to re-establish human security. Civilian control over the army, the police and other security organisations needs to be re-established as a base function to achieve this.  In many poor countries, security organisations lack the logistical know-how, infrastructure and support to again re-build their internal organisation.  In such situations, FSD endeavours to assist and support in re-building the internal management capacities of armed forces in non-combat areas through the re-building and rehabilitation of infrastructure, logistics management and human resources management systems. FSD also helps to prepare former combatants to transition from conflict and return to civilian life.
Operations: Central African Republic

Armed violence reduction
In many conflict and non-conflict contexts, the overall level of violence in urban and rural communities has increased, particularly as a consequence of the rise of armed violence. FSD engages in prevention and protection activities that target norms and attitudes contributing to armed violence. This includes the following activities: Arms Control and Risk Education; Violence prevention; Capacity Building of Security Actors and Protection of the direct victims and vulnerable groups.
Operations: Central African Republic

Small arms and light weapons destruction:
As insecurity grows in post-conflict and humanitarian environments, many civilians hold small calibre fire arms and weapons. The wide-spread ownership and potential use of small arms and light weapons may contribute to increased levels of violence. Where possible, FSD actively engages in collection and destruction programs of small arms and light weapons.
Operations: Tajikistan