FSD Bank accounts:
CREDIT SUISSE, Rue de Lausanne 17-19, CH-1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland 


CHF:  IBAN CH70 0483 5081 8341 7100 0
USD: IBAN CH09 0483 5081 8341 7200 1
EUR: IBAN CH36 0483 5081 8341 7200 0

Swiss donors may deduct donations to FSD as follows:


Direct federal tax:
Donations by natural persons may be deducted from the Swiss direct federal tax (art. 33, Federal Law on Direct Federal Tax [LIFD]). Payments made over the course of a fiscal year must be no less than 100 Swiss francs and no more than 20% of the natural person’s net income. Donations by legal entities are tax-deductible up to 20% of the legal entity’s net profit (art. 59, LIFD).

Direct cantonal and municipal taxes:
Donations made to charities are tax-deductible up to the limit determined by cantonal law (art. 9, Federal Tax Harmonisation Law [LIHD]).

FSD is certified by ZEWO.