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For 25 years, FSD has been conducting humanitarian mine action operations around the world.

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Women in Mine Action, International women's day


Nadiya, 25, is a deminer for FSD in Ukraine. A year ago, she would never have imagined that she would work in Mine Action. Learn more about her story and those of her colleagues Salome, Yuliia, Olena, Merlene, Naila and Asmaa.
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🔍 Can You Speak The Language Of Deminers?

Do you know anything about bounding fragmentation mines, non-technical surveys and tripwires detector? Test your knowledge by answering these 10 questions!

Video Nano Drones for Humanitarian Demining1

A new tool for mine detection?

The science programme Nano (SRF/3SAT) explains how high-tech drones are being developed to search for explosive devices and how they can be used to facilitate humanitarian demining operations.

For a safer world

In 2021, FSD teams located and neutralised 4'324 landmines and 711 pieces of unexploded or abandoned ordnance.


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non technical survey looking for explosive ordnance in rubble ukraine


Mine clearence · Explosive ordnance risk education · Support to education

explosive ordnance render safe procedure training in Iraq


Mine clearance · Explosive ordnance risk education · Capacity building

Mine risk education session for school children in the philippines

The Philippines

Mine clearance · Explosive ordnance risk education · Capacity building

FSD employee gives explosive ordnance risk education to children in village in afghanistan


Mine clearance · Explosive ordnance risk education · Mine victim assistance

Socio-economic reintegration and mine victim assistance in colombia


Capacity building · Mine victim assistance

weapon and ammunition stockpile destruction in tajikistan


Environmental remediation · Disposal of weapons and ammunition

Carpentry classes for former combattants in socio-economic development project in the cantral african republic

Central African republic

Support to the peace process · Disarmament and reintegration · Socio-economic support to communities


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Where is FSD currently working in Ukraine? What does a landmine look like? Answers to your questions, once a month.

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Iraqi deminer trained to the use of a detector
Stay informed!Get the latest news on our mine action operations in Ukraine, Iraq and elsewhere.