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Independence, neutrality, impartiality. As a humanitarian NGO, FSD places these values at the heart of its activities.

FSD employees and children in an EORE session in front of the mountains

Afghanistan (2019): Explosive ordnance risk education session in a village of the province of Badakshan.


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3 children laugh on a minefield

News from the field

FSD, it’s them.
Every day, they put their courage and expertise to work to make the world a safer place. Read the testimonials and stories from our employees around the world.

Machine gun ammunition at the waste dump

Machine gun ammunition at the waste dump

In eastern Ukraine, the poverty caused by the armed conflict has led many people to collect and sell scrap metal to earn a little more money. This is a risky activity, which exposes them to landmines and unexploded ordnance. One day someone brought me an old bucket...

Deminer’s anecdotes

Deminer’s anecdotes

Some time ago, FSD was invited to visit a sixth-grade class at the Florimont Institute in Geneva to talk to students about humanitarian demining. After the presentation, the children asked questions which were recorded and passed on to our deminers in the field. This...

Pastor and risk education volunteer

Pastor and risk education volunteer

" I take advantage of my sermons to talk about unexploded ordnance " Joselito Remedios, 54, is a pastor and an explosive ordnance risk education provider. For the past year, he has been a member of the Fondation suisse de déminage (FSD)’s volunteer team in the...

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